Sheppard Architects

Great St Thomas Apostle, City of London

A new mixed-use development of 95 apartments with ground floor shops and restaurants, in a City of London conservation area.

This large building occupies the length of Great St Thomas Apostle from Queen Street to Garlick Hill. Berkeley Homes engaged us to obtain planning consent for a development of private apartments on this difficult site. 95 units are accommodated on the upper floors over a ground floor of shops and restaurants. Under the building a tube line runs very close to street level, the structure is therefore designed as a first to second floor 'beam' with the ground floor suspended beneath.

Existing Victorian buildings occupied the site and consent was granted by a careful design which created ‘tower’ elements at each corner; strong features that responded to existing buildings in Queen Street and Garlick Hill. Between the ends, the building is visually divided into a series of vertical elements, reflecting the original street scene. Physical elements from the existing building such as brackets, corbels and window mullions were re-used in the new structure.